Rodinò and Partners was founded in 1988 by Ugo Rodinò di Miglione to continue the Insurance Broking business begun in 1978 ,as a Partner in another company.


Going against the trend of the Italian Insurance Brokerage market, which tended towards a model of business of ever increasing size, Rodinò and Partners chose right from the outset for a medium sized organisational structure.


Drawing inspiration from the model of a professional business practice which evolves on the experience of the Partners effectively supported by able and skilled collaborators who had all developed professional within the Firm.


Rodinò and Partners feel that the fundamental role of the Broker is not one of “selling” policies but rather of offering a advisory service of the kind that meets the expectations of their Clients.
From this standpoint, Rodinò and Partners follows a limited number of Clients to whom it offers an extremely personal and highly qualified service. Every single Client is followed with the same care and dedication.


Since March 2021 Rodinò & Partners has integrated its business with Poliass Insurance Broker spa becoming part of the GBSapri spa Group
Rodinò and Partners from its founding has been a Correspondent of Lloyd’s, which is a status that grants it access to the world’s leading insurance market.
In 1998 Rodinò and Partners obtained ISO 9001 certification by SGS/SINCERT.


Rodinò and Partners is a member of ILLCA , the Lloyd’s Correspondents Association.