(Isvap Regulations no. 24 dates 19.05.2008 and Measure no. 46 dated 03.05.2016)

Without prejudice to it being possible to turn to the Judicial Authority, Clients may forward a complaint in writing to Rodinò & Partners s.a.s or the Insurance Enterprise.

The procedure for dealing with complaints is followed within Rodinò and Partners s.a.s in compliance with what is laid down under Isvap Regulations no. 24 dated 19.05.2008 and Measure no. 46 dated 03.05.2016.

The person responsible for dealing with complaints is Ugo Rodinò di Miglione is his capacity as Legal Representative of Rodinò & Partners s.a.s.

In the terms of current regulations, by compliant is meant a statement of dissatisfaction vis-à-vis a Broker or an Insurance Enterprise in respect of an insurance contract or a service; not deemed to be complaints are requests for information or clarification, claims for indemnification of loss or execution of the contract.

Complaints made against Rodinò & Partners s.a.s. or the Insurance Enterprise may be forwarded to one of the following addresses:

Manner of forwarding of complaint and contact points:

Ordinary or registered post:
Calata San Marco, 4 – 80133 Napoli

Electronic mail:

Certified electronic mail:

In the terms of current regulations, Rodinò & Partners s.a.s. must annotate complaints received in a register kept for this purpose and provide a written response within 45 days with effect from receiving the complaint.

Should the Client not feel they have been satisfied they may also turn to IVASS forwarding the documentation relating to the complaint to the following addresses:

Servizio Vigilanza Intermediari

Via del Quirinale n. 21
00187 Roma
fax: 06 42133206